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Budget Policy Briefs and Analysis

CEGAA Budget Policy Brief No.5, 23 February 2012

R1 trillion public spending in South Africa in 2012/13: What's in there for health and HIV/AIDS? South Africa's 2012 Budget features increased funding for health, HIV/AIDS and TB, and additional allocations for hospital revitalisation, expansion of health infrastructure and human resources. Distribution and use of these national allocations by provincial health structures should translate into increased staffing, strengthened service delivery systems, improved financial, programme management and monitoring capacity and systems, and ultimately, improved health outcomes.

Review of South Africa’s 2009 HIV and AIDS Budget: A Quick Update

The South African government has overall increased allocations for HIV and AIDS in the health, education and social development sectors dramatically since 2006/07, and recently again to cover the new ART guidelines. However the increase should be weighed against needs to ensure that allocated funds are adequate to fund the response to the epidemic. Current costing exercises commissioned by the government should supply good information to better understand the question of adequacy of resources and the funding gap. The recent announcement of the additional R900 million for ARVs in this year’s MTBPS speech by the Finance Minister also indicates that the AIDS treatment component of the budget had not allocated sufficient resources to treat current numbers of patients on ART, but also to absorb new patients who join the AIDS treatment programme.