Knowledge Centre

To enable communal learning, CEGAA seeks to contribute to a broader knowledge base on critical issues that influence the achievement of improved economic governance for health and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

In this section, we profile several concepts that are central to this field of work, explaining the meanings of key terms, and giving examples of how CEGAA’s projects and partnerships help to build a body of evidence, skills and reflections on financial management of the HIV/AIDS response and health in general. We also provide access to a range of CEGAA-originated and other related resources.

Economic Governance

CEGAA’s Contribution to Economic Governance focuses on health and development in general, and on HIV/AIDS in particular.
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Citizen-Building & Participation

Our approach to citizen-building and participation assumes that capacity-building is a process of empowering individual citizens, civil society organisations, social groups, researchers and State officials with skills to mobilise one another or others for collaborative efforts to change undesirable conditions for the realisation of human rights.
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Budget Advocacy

CEGAA conducts capacity-building for advocacy to assist civil society organisations in effective mobilisation, using collaborative research findings as strong evidence for advocacy messaging. We establish partnerships with CSOs and local government, so that communities may exert influence on government implementation of the budget at local level to strengthen health care systems and improve healthcare spending and its outputs.
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Health Systems Strengthening

Focusing mainly on primary health care services offered through State and community health structures, operations and facilities at local, district, provincial, national and regional levels, CEGAA’s projects are designed to work within strategic partnerships to examine and transfer skills in budget formulation and management, with the overall goal of informing policy and influencing decision-makers.
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Policy Documents

This evolving archive contains a selection of policy documents, action guides,legislated regulations, strategic plans and key advocacy statements relevant to CEGAA’s scope of work in health economics and development, as well as related reviews and analyses produced by CEGAA, our partners and other organisations.
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Useful Links

CEGAA regularly discovers useful material and organisations through research for projects and communications with the CEGAA network. This page links to information regarding HIV, AIDS, Economic Governance and related literature.
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CEGAA Resources:

We have produced a range of resources, including research and analysis reports, country assessments, training materials and tools, and Budget Briefs. For a selection of these, go to our Products page.

Other Related Resources:

Through our project research, communications within our network, and media scanning, CEGAA regularly sources useful material and details of related organisations. For access to these, go to the Policy Documents page, the Useful Links page and our  Media Dossiers.