Budget and Expenditure Monitoring Forum (BEMF) - South Africa

CEGAA is a member of the Budget and Expenditure Monitoring Forum (BEMF), a group of civil society organisations in South Africa that monitors the National Strategic Plans on HIV and AIDS, STIs and TB (better known as the NSPs). The BEMF’s main objective is to ensure that enough money is allocated by the State and donors to meet the treatment and prevention targets of the NSP, and that the funds are spent correctly.

In May 2010, CEGAA shared with the Forum our study findings for the AIDS2031 project, prepared for the Results for Development Institute (R4D) and commissioned by the South African government, which examined the costs and demographic outcomes of several scenarios for the HIV/AIDS response. CEGAA’s budget monitoring and expenditure tracking project in the Lusikisiki and uMgungundlovu districts, run jointly with the TAC, was also presented.

CEGAA shared our preliminary National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) findings to the BEMF in November 2011, which catalysed insightful feedback and identification of advocacy issues to take forward.

The BEMF values such input from members, and has called for more information from all partners and government to enhance understanding and improve the status of HIV/AIDS financing as a crucial development and human rights issue, and to close the funding gap for HIV/AIDS interventions in South Africa.

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