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15 May 2012
Uganda is at the beginning of a months-long budgeting process for the country’s next fiscal year. AIDS activists are already alarmed at a proposed reduction in the health budget and are demanding more money to curb the country’s epidemic.

18 April 2012
US officials have confirmed that that $1.46 billion designated to fight AIDS has not been used.

16 March 2012
A new World Bank (WB) report urges African governments and their development aid donors to do significantly more to prevent new HIV infections.

23 February 2012
South Africa's 2012 Budget features increased funding for health, HIV/AIDS and TB, and additional allocations for hospital revitalisation, expansion of health infrastructure and human resources.

24 January 2012
Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Health Policy Analyst Dr Mit Phillips described the cancelation of the Global Fund's Round 11 as a "catastrophe," as protesters demonstrated to call on African leaders to commit more internal resources to the HIV response.

01 December 2011
As World AIDS Day dawns in 2011, the horizon of HIV knowledge and action has expanded beyond health science – and our progress gives us good reason to celebrate. Vigorous activism, research excellence, stronger political will and more cohesive social le

01 November 2011
Renowned health economist Alan Whiteside delivered a public lecture entitled “Economics and HIV: Costs and Consequences” at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban on 12 October 2011. After reflecting on the past 30 years of HIV and AIDS science, po

20 February 2010
CEGAA TAC Joint Statement: A story of hope on national HIV and AIDS policy and funding in South Africa
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