Capacity-Building Materials

A primary activity of CEGAA is capacity-building, and CEGAA creates materials for different audiences of various foci, including costing, budgeting, cost-effectiveness analysis, projections, resource tracking and budget monitoring and advocacy, NASA methods, financial management and financial monitoring systems. The materials include presentations, exercises, group activities, and software experiences.
Examples of generic presentations:

Evidence-Based Allocative Decisions - Using Budgetary & Expenditure Data (PPT)Guthrie, T. 2007. Costing Health Interventions (PPT)Guthrie, T. 2007. An Overview of Existing HIV/AIDS Resource Tracking Methods (PPT)Guthrie, T. 2007. Introduction to NASA (PPT)

Other Related Resources:

Through our project research, communications within our network, and media scanning, CEGAA regularly sources useful material and details of related organisations. For access to these, go to the Policy Documents page, the Useful Links page and our  Media Dossiers.