National AIDS spending assessments (NASA)

Introduction to NASA

Guthrie, T. 2007. Introduction to NASA

National AIDS Spending Assessments (NASA): Country Reports

CEGAA has provided technical support to several countries in Africa to enable them to undertake their National AIDS Spending Assessments (NASAs). Some of the country reports are available below, as well as the on UNAIDS NASA website where you will find related data from the rest of the world.

Botswana (2003/04 to 2005/06)Swaziland (2005/6 and 2006/7)Zambia (2005 & 2006)Mozambique (2004 - 2006)Ghana (2005 & 2006)

Evidence-Based Allocative Decisions

Evidence-Based Allocative Decisions - Using Budgetary and Expenditure Data

An Overview of Existing HIV/AIDS Resource Tracking Methods

Guthrie, T. 2007. An Overview of Existing HIV/AIDS Resource Tracking Methods.

Other Related Resources:

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