Budget Monitoring and Expenditure Tracking

Review of the 2013/14 health budget and its implications for HIV and AIDS funding in the era of the NHI

Zulu Newletter BMET 16Aug2013

CEGAA BMET Newsletter 01-2013 BMET News Aug2013

CEGAA Occasional Paper 2012-1 - SA Health and AIDS Spending Review 2012

CEGAA Budget Policy Brief No.5, 23 February 2012

R1 trillion public spending in South Africa in 2012/13: What's in there for health and HIV/AIDS? South Africa's 2012 Budget features increased funding for health, HIV/AIDS and TB, and additional allocations for hospital revitalisation, expansion of health infrastructure and human resources. Distribution and use of these national allocations by provincial health structures should translate into increased staffing, strengthened service delivery systems, improved financial, programme management and monitoring capacity and systems, and ultimately, improved health outcomes.

CEGAA Budget Policy Brief No. 2. 18 February 2010

Budget 2010: A story of hope on national HIV and AIDS policy and funding in South Africa.

Guthrie, T. 2007. An Analysis of the South African HIV and AIDS policy.

Guthrie, T. 2007. An Analysis of the South African HIV and AIDS policy. Cape Town: CEGAA. This paper uses the findings of the existing analyses and evaluations to inform a triangular policy analysis and stakeholder analysis of the implementation of the ART component of the 2003 Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Care, Management and Treatment Plan.

Evidence-Based Allocative Decisions

Evidence-Based Allocative Decisions - Using Budgetary & Expenditure Data

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