BMET Community Monitoring of HIV/AIDS and TB Budgets

2009 - 2012
O.R. Tambo (EC) and uMgungundlovu (KZN) Districts


Kwazi Mbatha, Junior Researcher/Trainer at CEGAA, works with the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) to implement the BMET project in two provinces: the Eastern Cape (OR Thambo District) and KwaZulu-Natal (uMgungundlovu District). We provide technical assistance directed towards:

  • Building the capacity of the TAC’s Community Health Advocates (CHAs) to conduct budget monitoring and expenditure tracking, and to mobilise for the allocation of increased resources for HIV/AIDS and TB services;
  • Enhancing the TAC”s interventions for and engagement with budgeting and service implementation;
  • Working with the CHAs to identify concerns, examine survey findings and formulate evidence-based recommendations to government for change;
  • Guiding the CHAs in developing effective budget process and policy change proposals for adoption and implementation decision-makers.

 Kwazi is responsible for facilitating:

  • Coalition-building 
    Establishment and maintenance of a coalition of HIV/AIDS and TB community organisations to exert influence on government’s implementation phase of the budget process at local level, whilst building local government capacity on BMET for improved budget planning and social and financial accountability.
  • Capacity-building and Technical Support
    Training in BMET monitoring tools for a coalition of civil society actors.
  • Data Collection and Analysis
    Collection and analysis of district and provincial budgets, plans and progress reports on HIV/AIDS and TB services; ongoing review of statistics on HIV prevalence and incidence and AIDS and TB deaths; administration of scientific community health facility surveys to establish baseline profiles from which to design change proposals.
  • Advocacy Development 
    Identification of problems and suggested corrective actions; dissemination of project findings through budget briefs, workshops, public hearings and media releases; follow-up from public hearings and stakeholder fora to improve social accountability and sustain pressure for policy and budget changes.


Liaison with district Action Teams is particularly important for maintaining awareness of and demand for improved budget implementation and service delivery at health facility and district health management levels.  The involvement of Provincial AIDS Council members is essential for the success of this type of advocacy, and Kwazi’s role entails assisting the Action Teams to secure attendance at meetings and commitments by senior government officials.  This requires forging entry into provincial AIDS planning processes, and engaging with provincial leadership on updated BMET findings. 

CEGAA and TAC are represented in the relevant provincial Technical Working Groups for the 2012-2016 National Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS, STIs and TB.

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